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Economic Information Services

The Economic Information Services of Xinhua for overseas subscribers are as follows: Three information products in Chinese, including China Economic Information (Chinese version), Information Specially Designed for Overseas Enterprises and Information Specially Designed for Overseas VIP. Nine information products in English, including China Economic Information (English Version), Xinhua Business Weekly, China Money (Weekly), Xinhua Electronic News (Weekly), China Facts and Figures (Biweekly), China Oil Gas and Petrochemicals (Biweekly), China Auto 2000 (Weekly), China Metals (Biweekly) and China Coal & Power (Biweekly). Besides, Xinhua also offers information service in Japanese.

China Economic Information (Chinese Version)
China Economic Information mainly offers general economic and investment information. It reflects objectively economic trends in China through economic data, and makes composite release of government policies and regulations, investment circumstance, foreign capital flow etc. With average daily release of 60 to 80 items from Monday to Friday, it caters to research institutes, investment intermediary, media and investors.

China Economic Information (English Version)
Abbreviated as CEI, China Economic Information was launched in 1987 as China's first general economic information service in English. The average daily release from Monday to Friday is more than 100 stories. It is an important way for overseas subscribers and domestic investment institutes to make in-time and thorough understanding of updated China economic and industrial development.
The coverage of CEI are up to 30 fields, which are government policies and regulations, major economic and industrial events in china, investment, foreign trade, banking, securities industry, petrochemical industry, medicine industry, textile industry, metallurgy industry, power, information technology, automobile, transportation, agriculture, real estate, insurance, mechanical and electrical industry, tourism, food, paper making, coal, environment protection and news summaries etc.

Xinhua Business Weekly
Abbreviated as XBW, It was launched in 1997. It aims at keeping foreign government agencies, business executives and researchers well informed of what is going on in China's business world. It is a weekly English language service for overseas government organizations, business exclusives and researchers.
It provides first-hand information about China's latest economic events and market, industrial guidelines, government policies and regulations, domestic companies, foreign enterprises, analysis, government statistics and business opportunities.

Xinhua Electronic News (Weekly)
Launched in 1997, It (abbreviated as XEN) provides information service mainly for international organizations in the IT & telecom industry.
It provides in-depth information keeping track on latest developments in China's IT & telecom industry, policies and industrial guideline, market analysis and data, as well as domestic Chinese firms and foreign enterprises in China. It also provides business opportunities, industry production data and import-export statistics.


China OGP
It was launched in 1993 as English bi-weekly. It provides professional information and analysis on oil and gas energy for multinational petroleum companies, investing banks and global consultant firms. Featuring time-effectiveness, reference and foresight, it enjoys good reputation in the oil industry and is a must-have periodical for foreign oil companies operating in China.

China Petroleum Data Monthly and China Chemical Databank
Two sub-products of China OGP, they cover topics such as policy deciphering of oil industry, petrochemical project tracing and company information express and categorized products and markets analysis.

China Facts & Figures
China Facts and Figures, (abbreviated as CFF), was launched in 1997 as a half-monthly English language service. It provides economic figures and analyses showing the latest developments and backgrounds of China's economy for foreign government organizations, business exclusives and researchers.
Focused on China economic data, it also includes event analysis in China's economic field, government policies and regulations, industry and market developing trend, domestic economic and trade activities, as well as economic analysis.

China Money
Abbreviated as CM,China Money was launched in 1995 as a weekly newsletter. It provides comprehensive information about China's financial market, including banking, insurance, securities, futures and accountants.